Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Lewis GLewis G
Passed my test!
I found the LDC Workbook very useful for mid week revision and looking at the techniques. My Instructor’s teaching style is very good and suited me well!

Owen AOwen A
I’ve done it!!
The student-centred approach really helped me to feel engaged with the lessons. Caroline was a great teacher. I feel that she not only got me to test standard, but to being a safe and competent driver too. Caroline was eager to go beyond and pivot her teaching to suit my needs as a dyslexic which was hugely appreciated. Thank you Caroline!

Charlie CCharlie C
Passed with zero faults!
Caroline has been an amazing Instructor who helped me to learn nearly from scratch after failing a test with another Instructor and not driving for 6 months. She helped me fix mistakes and iron out bad habits, while being supportive and teaching me in a way that suits me. On test, I received no Driving faults, which I believe is entirely down to her guidance and help. Very thorough and calm teaching. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Michael PMichael P
Absolutely fantastic!
I’ve awarded 6 stars. Caroline was absolutely fantastic! She was calm and collected throughout all of my lessons. She made learning to drive really enjoyable. The LD System was well structured and really helpful in learning to drive. Thanks for everything!!

Jonathan CJonathan C
Passed 1st time!
Caroline was very helpful with everything throughout the learning process, very accommodating and allowed me to have a decision on what we focused on each lesson. This really helped with getting more time on weaker areas. She was also very nice and friendly which is exactly what you need to feel relaxed and focused while driving. The LDC workbook and videos are also very helpful and allow you to know how to do certain skills before trying them on the road during lessons.

Jaimie CJaimie C
First time pass!
Honestly been amazing for me and I would never have passed without Caroline. Her patience with me has been outstanding as I found it quite difficult to drive when I first started. The LDC system was very good and clear.

Cori LCori L
Passed 1st time in 2 months!
Caroline was an amazing Instructor. She gave me all the tools I need and confidence. She helped me push myself when I thought I couldn’t. I couldn’t recommend Caroline enough.

Amy LAmy L
First time pass!
Caroline was an amazing Instructor and very patient. Caroline was able to explain everything clearly and the communication after every lesson was great; discussing everything we covered during the lesson. I really enjoyed the student-centred LD system as I was able to choose what we did each lesson which meant I was always comfortable when driving. Lastly, I thought the LDC workbook was very helpful as I liked the diagrams as it meant I could visualise what I was supposed to be doing.

Harry WHarry W
First time pass!
Excellent. Caroline pushed me to really focus on certain faults. We spent time focusing on areas where I found parts more challenging. I found the LDC videos and book really helpful. Caroline would call out any issues or other bits I’d missed while driving and explain the why. Overall she was so supportive throughout every lesson.

Derek BDerek B
4 Instructors and a first time pass!
I have been learning to drive for a number of years and I have had over 3 Driving Instructors. Caroline has improved the safety of my driving tenfold and I was more than happy with the results of my test today. I was surprised at how many faults Caroline was first picking up during our lessons, but she was very helpful with explaining what I could do differently and why. I found the LDC workbook very helpful in getting me prepared for our lessons.

Lachlann BLachlann B
I did it!!!!!
My Instructor has been amazing! She has kept me right and helped me with every technique and skill. We always focused on my weaknesses to help build my confidence. My target was to pass in 10 lessons and thanks to Caroline, I did! The LDC workbook and videos were very informative and helped greatly; especially as all my questions were answered with amazing detail by Caroline. Thanks again for great lessons - I had a blast and would recommend Caroline to everyone I know.

Uzair MUzair M
Delighted to pass!
Caroline was very patient and helpful throughout all my lessons and catered all lessons to my needs.

She is extremely skilled and very knowledgeable. Overall very professional and I would highly recommend Caroline for all levels of learning.

Paul D
You’re never too old to learn!
I was very nervous at starting driving lessons (aged 59!) but Caroline was a wonderfully calm, reassuring and patient Instructor who put me at ease and carefully tutored me each week. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is apprehensive about starting to learn to drive at any age.

Catherine Jones
New Found Freedom!
Caroline was a wonderful driving instructor. I already had my licence but hadn’t driven in several years so was lacking in experience and confidence. She has a calm, supportive manner and an excellent knowledge of all aspects of driving, including the local area. After several sessions with her I felt much more confident and competent driving and started to enjoy the lessons. She’s really opened up many opportunities to me as now I’m able to drive myself and my toddler around. Thank you so much Caroline! The LDC System being pupil-led meant we could focus on what I needed, and the videos and manual made it easy to look over the lesson content in advance. Would thoroughly recommend to other learners.